The Backdrop

Established on December 23, 1836 as the Georgia Female College, Wesleyan was world’s first college chartered to grant degrees to women. For them, “First for Women” is not just a statement. It is a promise that they have lived up to.

Project Goals

  • Website Re-Design – Wesleyan College was searching for a  Experience Design expert who would carve out various functionalities for different audience segments. Towards this goal, Wesleyan hired OST Experience Design professional services.

Our Offerings

  • Concept Designing – For successful concept designing, audience mapping was of prime importance as that helped us to identify the target group. Wesleyan needed to target prospective students in the 14-20 age groups along with prospective donors who could donate money. We tried to comprehend the requirements of both the segments and attempted to bring them on a common platform. Based on an in depth study of  the target audience, our Creative Team designed the concept. The website needed some zing and was abuzz with campaigns which highlighted Wesleyan’s unique characteristics.
  • Template Conversion – After Team  Wesleyan approved of our concept design, we went ahead with template conversion. By using Html5, CSS3 and Java Script, we created different animations for respective sections. The proposed template was compatible with all smart devices.


  • Concept design – This was not an easy task. In order to succeed in concept designing, the entire background and vision of the Client’s business had to be thoroughly analyzed. From the nature of business to future prospects, we had to observe and study every aspect of the website.

A happy testimonial is a good appraisal

The client was impressed with the amount of options that the agency provided them. They were pleased with the response time and ability to make adjustments quickly. Just generally speaking, the client was happy with how friendly their team was…

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