The Backdrop

Veil Cosmetics, a vegan makeup line centered around weightless, skin-care focused cosmetics, had an existing website in Shopify, so they wanted a partner versed in Shopify who could enhance the website’s design and functionality, and perform regular maintenance. They were also looking to work with a company with SEO expertise, a partner that could drive overall revenue and increase brand traffic on major search engines.

Tasked with giving Veil’s multi-purpose and professional-grade makeup products the online spotlight they deserve, OpenSource Technologies optimized Veil’s website and pursued SEO strategies to promote online traffic.

The Requirement

  • Optimize keyword ranking for given keywords
  • Increase organic traffic to Veil’s website
  • Drive revenue through eCommerce channels
  • Strengthen an already-strong brand reputation

Results and KPIs

In Veil Cosmetics’ case, branded traffic played a key role in the SEO strategy. “Branded traffic,” refers to the traffic arising from references to a brand name and also falls under the umbrella of “organic traffic.”

Examples of branded traffic include searches for “Veil Cosmetics concealer” or “vegan cosmetics Veil.” Higher branded traffic suggests an increasing proportion of searches coming from word-of-mouth, and indicates a strengthening brand reputation.

OST performed technical SEO to help move Veil’s website and eCommerce channels towards the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another priority for Veil’s online SEO strategy was driving eCommerce revenue. With an eye for promoting online sales, OST added schema markups to Veil’s website to highlight pertinent features of Veil’s standout products. Schema markups are strings of code embedded in a site’s HTML. A schema markup allows search engines to more easily read a website’s code, and improves SEO by adding informative data to search engine results. OST implemented a schema markup strategy for Veil by inputting correct schema to automatically present key information on SERPs.

Examples of information that OST displayed through schema markups include rating, votes, price, and availability status.


  • 300%


  • 400%

    increase in
    brand traffic

  • 150%


Veil’s strongest asset is their line of cosmetics. Veil’s products come straight from the expertise of their founder, a professional makeup artist with an extensive portfolio; Veil’s emphasis on skin-care, versatility and revealing the wearer’s natural beauty help differentiate their products from similar ones by brand competitors.

The schema markup for Veil focused on the products’ competitive pricing and positive reviews, and led to overall increases in revenue.

Finally, OST introduced tag-manager implementation to assess the conversion and clickthrough rates of Veil’s website and eCommerce pages. Through eCommerce tracking, OST identified areas for growth and implemented changes to the website as necessary.

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How OST helped Veil Cometics to enhance their Shopify eCommerce store functionality and UI/UX.

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