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CRM Development Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to simplify and streamline customer interaction with your brand. Designed and customized to suit your business’s needs, CRM employs data analysis for prospects and clients to help you cater to your target audience. If you are looking to speed up internal processes, create better customer relationships, and enhance business outcomes, building a CRM system is the way to go. If you are in search of an experienced and affordable custom CRM software development company, look no further than OpenSource Technologies (OST). Whether you need to revamp your existing CRM system or you want a new one built from scratch, we have the technologies, tools, and expertise to deliver beyond your expectations. We have vast experience with rebuilding an existing CRM software and developing a new one from scratch. Over the years, we have handled basic to advanced customer relationship management development projects. We offer one-on-one support if you are facing difficulties with implementing or choosing a CRM. If you are seeking a reliable custom CRM development company, OST stands out as a trusted partner, ensuring tailored solutions to drive your business forward. Ask us more about our CRM development processes and solutions. To truly maximize your business potential, integrating digital marketing services is essential. By combining CRM with targeted digital strategies, you can effectively nurture leads, drive conversions, and optimize customer engagement across all channels.

CRM Development Services We Offer

We provide an exhaustive range of customer relationship management development services. With us, you are sure to get robust solutions that suit your needs – no matter how basic or advanced your CRM development needs are. As a leading custom CRM development company, we have everything you need to build a best-of-breed CRM system. Moreover, in the era of mobile dominance, ensuring seamless access to your CRM system via mobile devices is paramount. Our Mobile App Development Services enable you to stay connected with your customers on the go, providing real-time insights and facilitating quick decision-making. Now you can explore our comprehensive suite of custom CRM development services, perfectly designed to address your unique business requirements and deliver unparalleled results.


CRM Consultancy

We work in-depth with your team to identify a “best fit CRM” for your business. We have a team of dedicated CRM...
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CRM Implementation

We offer full implementation services for both prepackaged and custom CRM. At OST, we take pride in offering high-end,...
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Cross-vendor CMS Migration

Our custom CRM development services allow your business to migrate your data and resources from one vendor platform to...
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CRM Personalization Strategy

We strategically tailor your CRM applications to align with your business practices and goals. We understand the need to...
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Third Party Integration

Third-party integration allows your CRM algorithm to track data from third-party software. All you need to do is tell us...
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Mobile CRM Solutions

OST is a top custom CRM software development company that offers mobile CRM solutions. Mobile CRM solutions empower...
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Industries We Serve
Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Adaptable Softwere Solutions for a Broad Spectrum of Industries

Why Choose Us



Transparency is one of the major principles of our culture. We do not just want to build a great product for you, we also want to earn and keep your trust. You are not left in the dark concerning any aspect of your project. We are transparent with all our processes, project status, budget, challenges, risks, and timelines. We keep you updated while on the course to meet your goals.


Local & Accountable

We build trust and ensure accountability through in-person interactions and face-to-face problem-solving. We are more than a name on your computer screen. You can meet our team of first-rate experts when you visit one of our offices. Having a physical address where you can discuss and monitor your project enables you to hold us accountable.


No Third Parties

OST is a website development agency where there is zero dependence on third parties. We have got all the human resources and technologies required to deliver your project in-house. Having best-of-breed experts across every area of web development enables us to maintain high-quality and on-time delivery.


Source Code Ownerships

We have a simple policy when it comes to source code ownership – we build the product, you own it. After delivering your product, we also hand over the source code for free and with no conditions attached. You will enjoy the flexibility to continue working with us for maintenance and support or move on as you please.

How OST Can Help You

How OST Can Help You

Have you had to evolve your online, mobile, or e-commerce strategies, but found your developer nowhere to be found, or at least not in the timely fashion you require? Has your development partner not responded to you quickly enough in the changing world of online security? Have you lost the maintenance and support required to advance your digital strategy?   Well, we hear you. Instead of giving you one solution and disappearing, the OST team steps in repeatedly to solve complex business challenges to get our clients where they want to be. Our customers stick with us because we stick with them. Our customers work with us because our experience in adaptive process influences business decisions so sustainably they never even think of finding another provider.   How do you have to evolve? How do you want to adapt? And what problems can we help you solve? Contact us, sales@ost.agency. Visit clutch.co and search for open source technologies to read testimonials.

How We Drive You

How We Drive You

Clients come to Opensource technologies with visions of creating effective web and mobile applications that solve business problems. Our teams nurture these visions into real and tangible products often bringing greater value to the application as a whole. Getting started we ask poignant questions critical to understanding how we all succeed. Sometimes these are hard questions to answer but collaboration is key to start.   OST follows a proven and effective three-stage development process and we won’t ever deviate from it. The whole reason we maintain a 100% success rate in delivering applications is because we follow these stages in order.   Stage 1 of the app life cycle begins with a wireframe mock-up design. This is the planning period for creating the best user interface in a very iterative process. We’ll map out the sitemap and navigational details specifically, how content and data will interact with users. This is the most important phase and provides everyone a clear picture before graphic design and development begin.   Stage 2 is where graphics and content are placed over the wireframe to provide the most visually appealing user interface.The ost design team will provide multiple iterations so the look is exactly what you want or better yet what the user wants.   In stage 3 development begins, OST will advise the right programming language and back-end database to meet the desired goals.We employ an agile development process so clients have regular knowledge of work in progress, a hosting and server. Migration plan will also be provided to ensure a smooth transition for users of the application but before we launch and go live extensive testing and validation is performed on all internet browsers and ios and android devices.   But hey after that the application is all yours however that is not where the benefits of working with OST ends.Other value-added services can be layered on top making us the total package provider. We offer complementary bug support for 30 days. Some applications though require a quick response time and regular updates, in these cases OST offers monthly maintenance and support plans built to suit the application’s needs. OST’s digital marketing teams also help applications get found. Our Bing and Google certified experts are proficient in search engine optimization or seo and pay-per-click. We will craft a plan that suits your business needs and marketing budget. When partnering with OST our experienced team of advisors and technologists will help you plan for the present and future. Every application we’ve delivered follows a tried and true process and all were delivered on time and on budget. You can count on us to build a sound foundation a platform you can truly stand on when you want to go higher.

How We Fuel You

How We Fuel You

Every business has been forced to evolve and do so quickly and Opensource technologies has fueled the drive and ambition of business owners to adapt and overcome that means redesigning and enhancing web applications and e-commerce systems. It’s meant building mobile applications to communicate and drive brand loyalty with customers and prospects. It’s meant being the technical advisors for entrepreneurs who want to build the app of their dreams with someone they can trust. We speak your language, we build the roadmap, we simplify processes, we recognize ROI and how can we fuel you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CRM integration mean?

CRM integration refers to the process of connecting a CRM solution with other systems. Creating such a connection enables you to integrate your customers’ data with third-party systems. These third-party solutions can be related or unrelated to the CRM system, but the data they process improves the CRM functions and vice versa.

What is data migration in CRM?

Data migration in CRM is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. This always happens when a business is switching from a CRM to a new one. It involves a range of processes and best practices to ensure efficient data movement with zero loss or alteration.

How long does it take to migrate to a CRM?

The time it takes to migrate to a CRM may vary widely depending on the size of your project, the complexity of your data, and the skill of those in charge of the migration. It may take anywhere from four weeks to 4 months. However, with experienced CRM experts and proper planning, the time can be shorter.

How to migrate to a new CRM?

Here’s how to migrate to a new CRM: get the team ready, examine the source and target CRM, do data mapping, evaluate CRM structures, build migration tool, do data backup, run a couple of tests, migrate the CRM data, clean up migrated data, and educate your employees on how to use the new CRM.

Is custom CRM expensive?

Yes, custom CRM is expensive. The cost can vary based on the functionality as well as the needs of your company. You can significantly reduce the cost of building a custom CRM by outsourcing to a good software development company and making sure the project is properly managed.

What is custom CRM?

Custom CRM is a tailor-made solution designed exclusively to suit the requirements of a specific business. It’s built from the ground up by in-house software developers or a contracted team of developers.

What is the cost of CRM implementation?

The cost of CRM implementation depends on company-specific factors, like the size of the project, type of service (prepackaged or custom CRM), business goals, third-party integrations, and more. Our CRM consultants can help you evaluate your business needs to offer you an accurate cost estimate of CRM implementation.

Can small businesses use CRM?

Yes, a CRM solution is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. As long as you’ve got a customer base to manage, you need a CRM to help you streamline the client relationship process. A good CRM will help you boost your bottom line by enhancing customer experience.

Which CRM is best for my business?

The best CRM to choose for your business depends on the type of business and your needs. Before settling for a CRM, you have to analyze your business requirements to determine the must-have CRM features. Next, proceed to choose the CRM solution that best fits your goals and budget.