The Backdrop

Nyxecigs is Canada’s best e-cigarette shop with the most exceptional service. They have introduced a unique concept of alternative tobacco-free smoking where a smoker would not be burning tobacco or inhaling thousands of other harmful carcinogens.  People can buy e-cigarettes online on their e-commerce website. This would lend them an easy transit from tobacco consumption to a smoke-free living. . In January 2015, Nyxecigs hired our services to increase the general traffic to their website.

Project Goals

Nyxecigs hired OST SEO services to pull local traffic to their website and generate leads.

Our Offerings


  • Upsurge in website traffic – OpenSource Technologies beefed up the Nyxecigs organic traffic from 0% to 60% in a short span. We choose SEO techniques that would yield best results. We created high quality backlinks, targeted keywords and worked towards promoting them. All On-Page and Off-page activities were performed manually. While in On-page SEO, we optimized the page code elements, in Off-Page SEO, we hiked the page’s rank in search engines with regard to its imagery and promotional tools like link building, blogging, social media etc
  • Stable rank on targeted keywords- This being the core of SEO, we optimized the keywords such that they were in parity with current trends, the site structure and the website content. For prominent brand imagery, we followed the White Hat Technique using keywords and keyword analysis, manual backlinking to improve link popularity. We took to this ethical SEO as Nyxecigs aimed at making a long-term investment on their website.
  • Promoted market position –In Canada, vapor products were a $282.6-million (Canadian) industry in 2016, nearly 10 times the size of the market just five years earlier according to research. Nyxecigs is now positioned in the E-cigarette industry with a 200% increase in website traffic.

Proactive Mapping

We yielded our committed deliverables within the stipulated time. We always abided by statistics which could be easily tracked.

  • Once the goal was set, we did the E-commerce tracking.
  • Whatever traffic came via other channels, were tracked and detailed reports were provided.
  • We provided Keywords click through rate (Keywords CTR).
  • We provided elaborate reports of all monthly back linking we did.

Results of Digital Marketing


Total website traffic had grown by


Organic Search was up by


Referrals had grown by


Page Session Duration was extended to


Average Session Duration now is


New Session was up by

95% Nyxecigs Keywords are now amongst Google top 10

The Nyxecigs and OST association has completed three years and is steadily growing towards a symbiotic long-term bond.