The Backdrop

The Bodhi Group is a California based Corporation providing environmental consulting, remediation, and geospatial data management services since 2007. With an eminent plethora of engineers, geologists, scientists, construction managers, industrial hygienists and GIS analysts, they have optimized every advantage of a small player with the technical expertise of their team to deliver the best and cost-effective value. They prioritize their clients’ interests and environmental development to strive towards redevelopment of contaminated sites, transportation infrastructure, and energy production.

Project Goals

  • Design and User Experience Development- The website had to be redesigned and made responsive such that it could be accessed from any smart device. While on job, we focused on profound understanding of users and also considered the business goals of Bodhi Group.  We have used great design, development, navigation and much more to revamp the website.
  • WordPress Upgradation- We believe that visual content is pivotal to effective web design. WordPress offers thousands of plugins to enhance usability. We had to upgrade WordPress to the latest stable version. WordPress , with its kitty of abundant plugins can be utilized towards enhancement  of functionalities.

Our Offerings

  • We had developed the website two years ago and our Experience design team revamped the same in 2017. Once we completed the requirement gathering and understood their preference for the look and feel and functionality, we created a mockup with an overall look. Once it got approved, we went ahead. While revamping the website, we got driven by the experience we wanted to give to the users.
  • We developed responsive website templates such that every single template seamlessly would serve different media formats and devices.  It was based on quantitative market research, business requirement and customer journey experience. Previously, the website was on the older version of WordPress. In 2017, we upgraded it with the latest version of WordPress. In the process, we migrated from the older version to the new one with minimum downtime.
  • As the older website had its ranking on Google search engine, our SEO experts ensured that the URL guidelines remained the same. We took care of the onsite optimization task including old URL.


  • Bodhi Group sought a flexible and easily manageable platform. At the time of development, we ensured that each functionality and template feature could be managed from backend. Initially it was difficult to choose a content management system (CMS) to construct the website. We opted for the CMS in keeping with Bodhi Group’s budget, design specification and long term business aspirations.
  • In the template development, we used Gantry 5 framework which was not yet readily available in WordPress. As there is not much template in WordPress to suit Gantry 5, we had to develop every functionality of the template from the beginning.
  • WordPress has default functionality while Gantry 5 framework has various in-built particles using a lot of front-end theme sections. Once we used multiple plugin, the site speed became slow. We enhanced the template such that banners, small test plus image area etc could be managed easily by the template without installing a separate WordPress plugin for such sections.

A happy testimonial is a good appraisal

OST was the only agency who could demonstrate a praiseworthy execution track record with the product which we were looking at. They are now a part of our team and have settled in very well….Get Detail.

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