The Backdrop

To drive organic local traffic and engagement through digital marketing, 309 Auto Tags, an auto tags business based in Colmar, PA, wanted to create a modern website and increase their online visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With the goal of making 309 stand out from its local competitors in the auto tags and services space, OpenSource Technologies (OST) developed 309’s website as per current market trends and undertook digital marketing focused on SEO.

The Requirement

  • Bolster organic traffic to 309’s website
  • Increase visibility on search engines
  • Improve keyword ranking for chosen keywords
  • Drive local presence and local traffic online

Result & KPI

As an auto tags business, 309 builds its business from local client interactions. Therefore, increasing local organic traffic played a key role in OST’s SEO strategy.

OST worked on voice-search optimization – the optimization of searches through dialogue systems like Alexa and Siri. This strategy also led to increases in local traffic, as common voice-searches include terms like “near me” or “in Colmar (or other nearby PA locales).”

We targeted KPIs associated with local searches and provided the following results:

  • 13,450%

    Increase in
    Local traffic

  • 750%

    Jump in

  • 98%

    Traffic from
    Local Area

We zeroed-in on 309’s local listings and optimized each listing so that 309 Auto Tags would appear above the listings of other businesses:

Strategy and Process

To meet 309 Auto Tags’ stated goals, OpenSource Technologies performed technical SEO recommendations to increase 309’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since OST built 309’s website, OST decided to implement schema markup strategies to deepen the information provided by simple online searches.

Schema markups are pieces of code embedded in a site’s HTML composition. A schema markup lets search engines more easily read a website’s code, and improves SEO by adding informative data to search engine results.

OST implemented schema markups for 309 by inputting viable schema to mark up key on-page information on search engines. Schema markups provide simple upgrades in search engine results, but the strategy can drive local traffic significantly. Examples of information provided by schema markups include services, about us, FAQ, blog and “Contact Us.”

309’s primary audience consists of local PA vehicle owners, and by displaying information relevant to local drivers on SERPs, 309’s schema markups quickly led to increases in online visibility and organic traffic.

Finally, OST performed tag-manager implementation to assess the conversion and clickthrough rates of visitors to 309’s website.

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